Q. When is the full version of Petrolog4 will be released?

A. The full version of Petrolog4 is planned for release in late October / Early November 2023.

Q. How much will Petrolog4 licence cost?

A. Please see the Pricing section of this website

Q. Will the full version of Petrolog4 be free?

A. Using Petrolog4 will require purchasing an annual licence.

Q. Will Petrolog4 be available on macOS?

A. Mac users can run the current version of Petrolog4 on their computer after installing Windows under a virtual machine (e.g., www.parallels.com). Releasing a macOS version of Petrolog4 is planned for the future, however its release will be dependent on the number of licensed users.

Q. Are Leonid and Pavel still involved with Petrolog development and maintenance?

A. Yes, both Leonid and Pavel are continue to be the main developers of Petrolog.

Q. Will Petrolog3 continue to be available for free?

A. Yes, Petrolog3 can be downloaded for free from here

Q. Are there any benefits for those users who purchase a licence for Petrolog4?

A. Yes, In addition to having access to all features of the software, Petrolog4 licence holders receive priority support and can submit requests for adding new models and features to Petrolog4.