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Sulphide-saturation of silicate melt model of Ding et al. 2018 (New high pressure experiments on sulfide saturation of high-FeO* basalts with variable TiO2 contents – Implications for the sulfur inventory of the lunar interior. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Volume 222, pages 319–339).

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(I)* Normative mineralogy calculations.

List of possible new features (order is not significant; stars next to the item number indicate the complexity involved with adding the item; 3 stars indicate the most complex items)

(II)* Sulphur saturation during re-equilibration of melt inclusions in olivine.
(III)*** Modelling fluid-melt equilibrium in melt inclusions re-equilibrating with the host.

If you hold an active licence, you can vote for new features to be added in future releases of Petrolog using this form:

(IV)** Plagioclase-melt equilibrium model of Lange et al. 2009 (A thermodynamic model for the plagioclase-liquid hygrometer / thermometer. American Mineralogist, Volume 94, pages 494–506).
(V)** Modelling U-Th-Pb equilibrium during decay in closed and open systems.
(VI)*** Modelling laser-ablation ICP-MS signal on quadrupole instrument during ablation of micro-inclusions.
(VII)** Plagioclase composition on the liquidus of silicate melts at 1 atm model of Namur et al. 2012 (Prediction of plagioclase-melt equilibria in anhydrous silicate melts at 1-atm. Contrib Mineral Petrol, Volume 163, pages 133–150).
(VIII)*** Amphibole - silicate melt equilibrium model of Putirka 2016 (Amphibole thermometers and barometers for igneous systems and some implications for eruption mechanisms of felsic magmas at arc volcanoes. American Mineralogist, Volume 101, pages 841–858).
(IX)* Compositional profiles across zoned crystals formed as a result of fractional crystallisation.
(X)*** Modelling replenishment of the evolving magmatic system by a primitive melt for the case of equilibrium crystallisation.